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The school has given a facelift for the new term. Classrooms are painted and lots of renovations including new look to the office area is given.

December10 , 2014

In The



A gigantic mural that has been emerging for couple of months is finnaly on final touches. Our thanks goes to all the students, teachers and Ms. Chelsea for all the hard work.

December 16, 2014


Three new teachers from Canada, Australia and Philipines joined our enthusiastic team recently. We would like to warmly welcome them to the new USAIS family.

December,08 2014

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023 555 1109



To prepare a generation of thinking and committed citizens who are capable of contributing towards continued growth and prosperity of their country and beyond, the USA International School has adopted a prestigious curriculum, the Cambridge Curriculum to ensure that the skills and knowledge taught in school meet the challenges of the 21st century and the millennium goals set by of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

USAIS aims to provide students with a holistic and broad-based education. Under the bilingual concept, every student mainly learns English which is the common working language at school. Students also learn their mother tongue language (Khmer), to help them retain their ethnic identity, culture, heritage and values.


  • Early Years Program


At the Early Years level, students go through a four-years course. Students are exposed to activity based learning where they grasp communication skills, social skills, literacy and numeracy. At the end of the program studentsare promoted to Primary School based on their performances.


  • Primary School Program


At the primary level, students go through a six-year course aimed at giving them a good grasp of the English Language, Mother Language and Mathematics. In addition, students learn Science, Music, Social studies, Civics & Moral Education, Art & Crafts, health & hygiene, Information Communication technology and Physical Education.  At the end of Primary 6, students take the Internal Primary School Leaving Examination (IPSLE), which assesses their suitability for secondary education.


  • Curriculum


USA curriculum will continue to provide students with a strong foundation in the core areas of literacy, numeracy and scientific literacy as these core areas provide the foundation for future learning. The study of the humanities will be reinforced as the humanities have the value in developing students’ ability to understand and appreciate different perspectives, as well as nurture cultural sensitivities and civic awareness.




In order to support the curriculum needs, USAIS offer ample learning materials to students to use in their daily activities.

Our classrooms are equiped with multimeadia facilities, where leaning can be fun and interesting. The folllowing unique facilities in the premises making a huge impact on the progress our students making everyday.


  • Play areas

  • Library

  • Computer Lab

  • Audio Visual Studio

  • Rooftop Garden



​Our Staff

Our school staff is shares a common motto that says everything in a nutshell,"Active, Friendly & Helpful"


Our Teaching staff consists of 70% Native Spearkers and 30% Expartiates who are dedicated to provide the best possible learning experience to our students. At USAIS teachers undergoes regular capacity building sessions to meet up with current teaching methods.


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